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Meet the Herd

Our Dairy herd currently consists of one Dexter bull, two Jersey cows, and one Belfair heifer calf. 
They are all from grass-fed genetics, a2a2, and polled (do not have horns).



1 yr. old red Dexter Bull

Flour laying down.jpg


3 yr. old Jersey Cow
Currently in milk

Cream and Flour_edited.jpg


3 yr. old Jersey Cow
Currently dry
Due to calve in Aug.

Flour and Ginger.jpg

Ginger Mirabelle

Born 1/20/23 
Belfair hiefer

Breeding and Herdshare Programs

When we were buying our farm and trying to decide what breed of dairy cattle we wanted, we were having trouble deciding between Jersey's and Dexter's.  Finally, we settled on crossing them as we believed this would help negate negative traits and amplify positive attributes of both breeds.
We soon learned that the Jersey/Dexter cross has been in development for some time and many others agree with us - they are the perfect homestead animal!

Belfair are bred to be great foragers, to eat less than other breeds, to hold body condition well including during lactation, to produce plenty of high butterfat milk for a family, to be docile in nature, small in stature, and resistant to disease and other common ailments such as milk fever.   

We currently have a lovely Dexter bull, and two Jersey cows who have given us three Belfair heifers.  Our first two Belfair heifers were sold to other small farms like ours.  We are now raising the beautiful Ginger Mirabelle, who was born here in January of 2023, to be our first Belfair dairy cow. 

If you would like to be on the waitlist for future Belfair calves, please fill out the form below.

Our Jersey girls are grass-fed, a2a2, and live on pasture with unlimited access to hay during the winter months, and minerals year-round. 

They provide us with ample milk and cream that we use for our drinking milk, coffee and tea creamer, whipped cream, butter, yogurt, and much more!

Because we want others to have the opportunity to enjoy our dairy herd, we offer a herdshare program!  

To buy one share in our herd costs $624 per year, paid weekly at $12.  Each share entitles the owner to one gallon of milk each week.  As a share owner, you are also welcome to tour the farm and meet the herd - learn about dairy cattle, meet the cows and their calves, ask questions, and see the entire milking process from start to finish. 

Availability is limited. 

If you would like to learn more or be added to our waitlist, please fill out the form below. 

Waitlist Request Form


Thanks for submitting!

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