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Becoming a Sponsor

By sponsoring one of our equines, even for just one day, you are helping provide our rescues with feed, hay, medication, and sanctuary.

If you choose to give and would like your funds allocated for a specific animal or purpose, please make a note of this request with your donation.



17 year old Thoroughbred gelding

Barrett is a former racehorse who found himself in less-than-ideal circumstances after leaving the track. 

He was starved, neglected, and discarded at auction where he was bought by a kill buyer. 

He didn't end up on the slaughter truck though - he ended up here, at Hidden Lake Farm instead!

After a re-feeding program and lots of time on pasture Barrett has gained several hundred pounds and is feeling much better.

He does have some arthritis from his hard work on the racetrack.  Because of this he receives arthritis medication and pain medication as needed.

Barrett's maintenance includes his medications, hay, grain, multi-vitamin supplements, regular farrier care, and routine vet appointments. 


10 year old Quarter Horse mare

Bunny is the third horse that we have rescued directly from the kill pen. 

She came to us afraid, undernourished, sick, and permanently blind in one eye.  

After a few rounds of antibiotics and several months of work with an on-site trainer she is doing much better.  She is very affectionate and eager to please.

Bunny's maintenance includes hay, grain in the winter, regular farrier care, and routine vet appointments. 

Me and Bunny.jpg
Molle laying down.jpg


20+ year old Belgian Mule

Molle is a massive mule standing around 18 hands high.  She was raised and worked by the Amish and the bells cut into her tail at auction signified that she was trained in everything - packing, driving, and riding.  Molle (formerly Ruby) was bought from auction by Horse Plus rescue in TN.  From there she was transferred to Mad Hatter Farm in GA and now she is finally at her last stop with us at Hidden Lake Farm.  
She is the absolute epitome of a gentle giant. 
Her routine care includes feed, hay, vitamin supplements, and routine vet and farrier care.


30+ year old Belgian

Esme is a 3o+ year old Belgian mare standing approximately 17 hands high, who, like Molle, has spent her life working hard as an Amish cart horse.  She was sent to auction where she was purchased by Horse Plus rescue in TN, then she was transferred to Mad Hatter Farm in GA, and finally, she has made it to her last stop here at Hidden Lake Farm.  Due to some neurological issues, we don't know if she will be with us for a month, or a year, but we hope to provide her with a wonderful retirement however long it lasts.    
Esme's maintenance includes feed, hay, vitamin supplements, and routine vet and farrier care.

Esme standing looking out.jpg

Horses, Donkeys, and More

In addition to the horses above we also have several other equines:

Pepper is a 20 year old Saddlebred mare who is a hard keeper (needs extra feed and vitamins to keep her weight up) and also suffers from heaves (horse COPD/Asthma) which requires daily medication during the summer months.

We also have three donkeys, Nimble, Prissy, and Winchester, and a Hinny Mule named Fergus.


In Memory Of


Saoirse was one of our first rescue horses.  She came with Barrett and they were both in really rough shape.  The feed lot sold her as a 15 years old, but our vet said she was at least 30.  She had been confiscated from her owners in Texas for starvation and after spending 30 days in holding, she went to auction where she was bought by kill buyers.  We saw one picture of her online and immediately knew that she had to be ours. 

Saoirse spent a wonderful 4 months here with us.  She was on a re-feed program and enjoying retirement out on pasture with Barrett.  Unfortunately, Saoirse had advanced cancer that showed no signs until it was too late to help her.  After several days back and forth to the vet, she let us know that she was ready to go, and we listened. 

Saoirse is a large part of why we want to continue to rescue.  Giving her sanctuary was a joy and we are so thankful she was able to feel safe for her last few months and that we got to love her to the end. 

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